Bob McCloskey’s commitment to the natural world is reflected in the depth of his photography. His work shows an understanding of an interconnected universe, where every corner of our environment is meaningful and sacred.

Bob’s love of the outdoors began early in life while working in northern Ontario as an outdoor adventure guide, where sharing his skills in canoeing and climbing provided him with a wonder-filled experience of nature. Combined with post secondary education in Science and Math, the development of Bob’s interest in outdoor photography was a natural creative outlet.

Commissioned by the Ontario English Catholic Teacher’s Association Bob was sent to Israel on a photo shoot for an educational resource published with his rich images. Bob was also a contributing photographer, writer and editor for a leading secondary school physics textbook.

As a photographer Bob has often been employed for special event photography where his talented eye has beautifully captured significant moments in people’s life journeys. Bob’s ability to effectively utilize composition and light and his deep understanding of the technical aspects of his craft combine to create artistic images that show the extraordinary in the ordinary.

As an exhibitor in juried fine art shows in Caledon Hills, Bob’s photographs illustrate the magnificence of the natural world discovered in his local community. From macro to landscape Bob’s work highlights the dichotomy between the complex structures of nature and its disarming simplicity.

His photographs hang in many private collections where they serve as a reminder of the importance of our environment and the awe inspired by the resplendency of our natural world.

Bob is a contributing photographer to many of the world’s leading stock photography agencies including; Shutterstock, Dreamstime, 123RF, Fotolia and CanStock.

At home with his wife and daughters where they live on the banks of the Credit River in Caledon, Bob takes every opportunity to explore the environment and is ever ready with his camera to capture the next gift from nature.

© Bob McCloskey 2013